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Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Powder (ABC ) Type Fire Extinguisher

a)    ISI marked IS: 13849 DCP type extinguisher.
b)    Extinguisher should be completed with finished painting,        power coated Squeee grip type valve, pressure indicating        guage, pvc syphone tube.
c)    Extinguisher body, both inside outside coated with epoxy               polyester power.
d)    Initial refill (powder) should be   IS        marked mono        ammonia phosphate based dry chemical        powder. Self        pressurized with nitrogen.
e)    Extinguisher should be hydraulically tested to a pressure of        30 Kgf/cm2 for a period of 2 mts.
f)     Extinguisher  capable of discharging powder min. 85% of the        total powder within 12 seconds.

Clean Agent Type Fire Extinguisher

Our Clean Agent Modular Fire Extinguisher is provided with a safety seal that can be easily broken in case of a fire. The Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher supplied by us is a premier fire fighting unit which is environment friendly and exceptionally effective. Use of superior raw materials and chemicals in the production process of our product makes us one of the prime Clean Agent Modular Fire Extinguisher Exporters from Mumbai. 

Salient Features of Clean Agent Modular Fire Extinguisher : 
* Provided with a safety seal 
* Environment friendly  * Use of Superior raw materials 
* Use of Safe chemicals

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