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Carbon Di OxideType Fire Extinguisher

a).      ISI marked IS : 2878  CO2 type extinguisher.
b).      The body of Extinguisher internally cleaned, externally           coated with epoxy powder, seamless, made of mild steel,           conform  to IS –7285, filled with liquefied CO2( conform to           IS – 15222)  as  per specified  filing ratio, and qty.           determined by weight,  completed with discharge horn ,           Safety pin ,operational sticker  etc. & all such fitting should           comply with IS.
c).      The cylinders  used  for  manufacturing  of CO2           extinguishers approved by Chief Controller of Explosives.

Water Type Fire Extinguisher

a).      ISI marked IS-940: 1989 Water Type Extinguisher 09 Ltrs           Capacity Suitable for class A fires.
b).      Extinguisher made of mild steel minimum grade D confirming           IS: 513  ( not less  than 1.2 mm), hydraulically tested,           completed with Neck ring, Cap, Cartridge & cartridge holder,           piercing mechanism,  breather  device, discharge  fitting, L           .L. indicator,  siphon  tube,  
          Safety  device ,operational sticker  etc. & all such fitting           comply with IS.
c).      The  Extinguisher  coated with anti corrosive treatment           (internally and externally) by
          Epoxy powder /plastic /rubber lining etc) to ensure long life.
d).      ISI marked CO2 gas cartridge of 120 gm  conforming  to  IS-           4947. 

Capacity : 09 Ltrs & 50 Ltrs.

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