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Cartridge Type Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguisher

a)    ISI marked IS: 2171 DCP type extinguisher, (Cartridge type).
b)    Extinguisher completed with finished painting, power coated        GM cap, inner Container, Spring loaded S.S pierce device,        siphon tube, nylon braided PVC discharge tube etc.
c)    Extinguisher body, both inside & outside should be coated        with epoxy polyester power.
d)    Initial refill (powder) IS marked Sodium based dry chemical        powder ISI MARKED
e)    Extinguisher hydraulically tested to a pressure of 30 Kgf/cm2        for a period of 2 mts.
f)     Extinguisher capable of discharging powder min. 85% of the        total powder within 20 seconds.
g)   ISI marked CO2 gas        cartridge of 120 gm conforming to         IS- 4947.

AVAILABLE CAPACITIES 1,2,5,10,25,50,75,150 & 300 Kgs.

Mechanical Foam Type Fire Extinguisher

a).      ISI marked IS: 10204 Mechanical Foam Extinguisher 09                    Ltrs Capacity Suitable for class A/ B fires.
b).       Extinguisher made of mild steel (shall not be less than 1.6            mm), hydraulically tested,
           Neck ring, Cap, Cartridge and cartridge holder, piercing            mechanism, breather device, discharge fitting, L .L.            indicator, siphon tube,  Safety  device ,operational sticker             etc. &  all such fitting complys with IS.
c).       The Extinguisher coated with anti corrosive treatment            (internally and  externally)  by
           Epoxy powder /plastic /rubber lining etc) to ensure long             life.
d).      ISI marked CO2 gas cartridge of 120 gm  conforming  to  IS-            4947.

Capacity : 09 Ltrs & 50 Ltrs

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